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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Timing belt kit CT 1077K2/WP2 for Opel, Alfa, Fiat, Saab, Chevrolet Various 1.6/1.8 models from 2003 onwards


The tensioning pulley supplied differs visually from the pulley fitted in the vehicle. 


ContiTech supplies two different versions of the tensioning pulley, with and without pin KM-6333. The two designs differ in their fitting, but they can both be used without reserve.


Variant 1 
The version without a pin has to be tightened clockwise initially using a 6mm hex key after mounting on the engine (20Nm + 120°) to enable the belt to be fitted. Once the hex key is removed, the tension is automatically set. 

Variant 2 
In the version with a prefitted pin, the pin is only withdrawn once the belt has been fitted. Here, too, the tension is then automatically set. 

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