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Monday, July 31, 2017

Rattling noise from the engine; Poor engine perfor ... (Passat V (3C) 1.9 TDi DPF (BLS) 2006 - 2009) (post nr 17-003)


• Rattling noise from the engine
• Poor engine performance
• Black exhaust smoke  


• Worn hydraulic tappets
• Worn camshaft


• Renew the camshaft
• Renew the hydraulic tappets

Note: Check the injectors

Repair time

Renew the camshaft  4.7h (#) (OE: 15 05 19 36)
Renew the hydraulic tappets 0.1h (#) (OE: 15 50 19 99)

(#) Time is shown in hours and hundredths of hours e.g 1 hour 30 minutes = 1.50 hours.

Parts required

• Camshaft
• Hydraulic tappet 8 x

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Power loss; Engine judder at idle speed; Fluctuati ... (Passat V (3C) 1.9 TDi DPF (BLS) 2006 - 2009) (post nr 17-002)


• Power loss
• Engine judder at idle speed
• Fluctuating idle speed
• Black exhaust smoke
• Engine control unit:
• No fault codes are displayed   


• Camshaft:
   • Excessive wear
   • Damaged hydraulic tappets


• Connect the diagnostic tool
• Check the EGR valve dwell readings
• Check the mass airfl ow meter parameters

 Expected value:  1200 mg/H
 If the displayed value is: 700 mg/H

• Check the turbocharger pressure
Expected value: 2300 mbar

If the displayed value is: 1950 mbar

• Check the fuel injection correction values
Expected value:  < 1 ml 

• Cylinder 3
If the displayed value is: > 1 ml

• Swap the injectors from cylinders 1 and 3
• Adjust the injector pressure
• Check the fuel injection correction values
• If one or more symptoms are still present
• Remove the camshaft cover
• Check the camshaft for wear
• Use a dial gauge

• Inlet: 
Expected value: ≥ 61.7 mm 

• Exhaust:
Expected value: ≥ 61.7 mm 

• Unit injector camshaft:
Expected value: ≥ 40.5 mm

• Check the hydraulic tappets

If damage or wear is found renew or repair any damaged components.

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The engine does not start: Immobiliser or key error ((post nr 17-001)

Our Department's review of incidents has confirmed a curiosity that affects the whole range of models of Volkswagen fitted with the immobiliser-transponder system. 

DTCs are recorded with immobiliser fault and key signal not identified. Various symptoms in the performance of the vehicle's engine are added together with these fault codes.

Below are detailed all the symptoms that appear: 
-P0513 - Incorrect code of the immobiliser.

-P1177 - 1177 - Key, signal not plausible.
-Engine does not start occasionally.
-Warning message on the instrument panel display which states the following: “Immobilizer enabled".

NOTE: This technical note only affects vehicles fitted with a transponder-immobiliser system. 
Smart key system 
It is curious that the records of fault codes can be found in different units after making the diagnosis with the corresponding tool. We found fault code P0513 when taking a reading of fault codes in the engine control unit, and by contrast, fault code P1177 or 1177 depending on the tool used, was found in the immobiliser control unit.

This incident may cause us a huge headache as we cannot find a definitive solution or logical explanation if we do not have the proper information available.
Prevent one key becoming attached to another. 
The previously mentioned symptoms occur due to some interferences caused by the proximity of remote controls or electronic keys while having a key inserted into the ignition start position of the vehicle.

It is important to note that this is not a fault, although if we find ourselves in this situation whereby fault codes are registered pointing at the immobiliser startup system and the fault in the engine startup we will be drawn into a complicated research task without a satisfactory result.

By way of solution the only thing to do is to advise the customer to check that there is no control or key on the key chain itself which could start the vehicle. 

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