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Monday, July 24, 2017

Power loss; Engine judder at idle speed; Fluctuati ... (Passat V (3C) 1.9 TDi DPF (BLS) 2006 - 2009) (post nr 17-002)


• Power loss
• Engine judder at idle speed
• Fluctuating idle speed
• Black exhaust smoke
• Engine control unit:
• No fault codes are displayed   


• Camshaft:
   • Excessive wear
   • Damaged hydraulic tappets


• Connect the diagnostic tool
• Check the EGR valve dwell readings
• Check the mass airfl ow meter parameters

 Expected value:  1200 mg/H
 If the displayed value is: 700 mg/H

• Check the turbocharger pressure
Expected value: 2300 mbar

If the displayed value is: 1950 mbar

• Check the fuel injection correction values
Expected value:  < 1 ml 

• Cylinder 3
If the displayed value is: > 1 ml

• Swap the injectors from cylinders 1 and 3
• Adjust the injector pressure
• Check the fuel injection correction values
• If one or more symptoms are still present
• Remove the camshaft cover
• Check the camshaft for wear
• Use a dial gauge

• Inlet: 
Expected value: ≥ 61.7 mm 

• Exhaust:
Expected value: ≥ 61.7 mm 

• Unit injector camshaft:
Expected value: ≥ 40.5 mm

• Check the hydraulic tappets

If damage or wear is found renew or repair any damaged components.

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