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Monday, September 16, 2019



We are having problems diagnosing an electrical fault on a 2005 1,6 Mini One. The ABS, ASR and handbrake warning lamps come on intermittently and the speedometer and rev counter needles flicker. We have checked the fuses but my scanner won’t communicate with the ABS system. Has anyone reported this problem before?


  • Yes, this problem is common on this model and is a result of the wiring harness chafing on the ABS hydraulic modulator mounting bracket. 
  • Inspect the ABS control module wiring harness Fig1 and either repair the damaged wires if appropriate or replace the wiring harness. This should cure the problem. 
  • To prevent a repeat of this problem, cut open a length of rubber tube and fix it to the ABS hydraulic modulator mounting bracket Fig2. After repair, check for ABS trouble codes and carry out repairs as necessary. 

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